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8 February, 2010

Adriane is taking a leave of absence. She's taking longer to heal than anticipated and baking is just too tough. For questions or more information, please email her:

Do your birds toss store-bought treats?

Have you found yourself wondering exactly what's in the treats you find at the store? Do you want to serve healthy snacks to your flock, but find that you just don't have the time or energy to concoct home-made goodies?

ParrotNutz Parrot Treats are the wholesome alternative to commercially prepared treats. Made with the fresh flavors and textures that parrots love, our homemade baked goods, mixes and meals are quick, easy and nutritious.

Hear the words from happy birds AND their humans...
Chip Loves ParrotNutz!

ParrotNutz is celebrating four years of baking healthy treats for birds!

ParrotNutz was recently excited to find out that our treats are a hit with Jojo and Chickie, a pair of Caiques who are stars in their own right on YouTube!

Nothing like seeing those babies chow down and enjoy their ParrotNutz treats! Check it out!

Your bird is going to love these treats!
Malika digs in!

We ship your treats just after baking - they are as fresh as possible!

ParrotNutz bakes for your birds just like they were our own. Does your bird prefer a bit of star anise added to her treats? No problem, just let us know! We offer custom-baked treats to please every birdie palette and pride ourselves on the care we take to make those beaks smile.

Read what our customers say...

We do all the time-consuming things for you...
Babies chowing down

We shop, chop, mix, measure, shape and bake so you don't have to.

ParrotNutz takes pleasure in creating the tastes, textures and aromas preferred by parrots. We hunt down the freshest in-season produce and finest ingredients. No artificial preservatives or fillers ever find their way into our products.

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Haans Haans Digs In!
Who said you can't teach an old bird to eat new stuff? Haans's Mom says: "Hey, ordered the different mashes... how come no body warned me it sticks to the wall like! This is Haans the wild caught Magna DYH Amazon when I got home last night!" Summer Breeze Mash

    Read more Word of Beak testimonials...

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What's New

Strawberry-Banana Nut Muffins

Strawberry-Banana Nut Muffins - for the sweet beak!

Date Nut Bread

Date Nut Bread - Medjool dates - yum!

Apple Walnut Mini Muffins

Apple Walnut Mini Muffins - ultra-yummy!

Featured Bestsellers


Green or Orange
Powerhouse Mini Muffins

Lowfat, vitamin-rich treats that pack a powerful nutritional punch!


Summer Breeze Instant Meal

Warm meals made easy with this sweet and breezy fruit and grain mash.

ParrotNutz Parrot Treats are a healthy alternative to store-bought treats. Because they do not provide all the nutrition your parrot needs to thrive, ParrotNutz Parrot Treats are not designed to be a complete meal for your bird. Your birds will love them as an occasional addition to their diet.

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